In the early 90s, East was the living fantasy of a bunch of food and music lovers who had one foot on the kitchen floor and the other on the dance floor. Ever since, East has been a mix of food, music and people - an Asian institution for food lovers, musicians and other pub folk. In the western (!) corner of Stureplan, entertainment history and pub memories have been created for nearly 30 years. We continue to stand firm in our roots around food and music, but always look curiously ahead, questioning a bit and breaking the occasional rule along the way - as always in classic East fashion.

Read more about East's history here.


East is a dynamic encounter with Asia and a remix of pan-Asian cuisine. The influences come from different crafts and traditions from Vietnam, Thailand and Korea, but also from Peru and South America. Cocina Nikkei is a mixed kitchen where the Japanese fish tradition is mixed with the Peruvian food tradition. East is a meeting, a remix, a fusion. An Asian restaurant that has always put creative over conservative. East is sticks, but not pointers. The menu always includes typical East classics such as Thai Beef Sashimi, Tom Ka Gai and Tempura Roll, but every now and then we experiment a little irreverently, adding and taking away and who knows, maybe there will be a future classic.

Lunch of the week V.22

Tuna Mango Papaya Salad

Kohlrabi, sugar peas, frisee salad, mache salad, miso vinaigrette, wonton crisp.


Breaded pork cutlet with sesame cabbage salad, smash cucumber, tonkatsu sauce & kewpie mayo.

Vannamei Maki

Maki roll with tempura fried vannama shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tempura vegetables. Kewpiemajo & wasabi sesame.


The most relaxed meeting between East and West takes place at the bar. With Asian flavours in your glass, you get a mix that's both exotic and fresh, traditional and modern, from the umeshu of plum liqueur to the momoshu of apricot to that most Japanese of all - wasabi. East's cocktails follow in the same vein as the food. Sake, rice distillates and Japanese ingredients and flavours are a significant part of our bar's soul.


The Sushi Bar is our brand new bar, the first part of a total transformation of East. The name itself is perhaps a bit misleading, because it is not primarily sushi that is served here, but it is a name that has been with us at East for a very long time. Today it's an international bar with a great cocktail list of exciting drinks that are only served in this section. The bar also serves a lot of small dishes that are perfect for bar snacks and are easy to share.

The sushi bar is open from 16:00 every day of the week.


The legendary Eastbaren needs no further introduction. It has been toasted, celebrated, danced and flirted with. Part two of a complete transformation of East will soon continue here - but until then, the fun continues as usual. 

The Eastbar is open seven days a week until 3am!


East's popular brunch is finally back! This season, "The East brunch story" is told, which is a four-chapter taste journey. It blends influences from different parts of Asia with both East's 30-year history and what's in store for the future.

Expect lots of food and lots of flavours, colours and textures. Brunch is served individually or for a group, but always balanced for the number of people in your party. The bar is loaded with classic brunch drinks, but there are also new compositions and new directions in this Sunday Brunch adventure!

The brunch is served on Sundays and costs 425 SEK per person.


At East's Christmas table, we serve up long-standing classics like Korean pancakes, Thai beef sashimi, spicy ribs, chicken lemon, and much more every day. We also experiment a little irreverently in typical East fashion, testing out new Christmas table classics and serving many vegetarian and vegan options. The Christmas table ends with a specially composed dessert table filled with Asian sweets.

Children's prices
Children between 0-3 years eat free
Children between 4-12 years 35 SEK/year
From 13 years it is full price

  • Lunch: 645 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 845 kr incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 645 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 845 kr incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 645 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 895 kr incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 645 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 895 kr incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 645 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 895 kr incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 695 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 895 kr incl. VAT.
  • Christmas Eve: 995 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Lunch: 695 SEK incl. VAT.
  • Dinner: 845 kr incl. VAT.


This applies to bookings for up to 20 people.
You can cancel the table free of charge up to 10 days before your arrival. Up to 72 hours before arrival you can change the number of guests in your party. Cancellations/changes in the number of guests outside these timeframes will be charged at 500 SEK per person.

This applies to bookings for 21 people or more.
For this booking to be valid, you must reply and confirm an email within 72 hours of your booking. You can cancel the table without any charge up to 21 days before your arrival. Up to 10 days before arrival you can change the number of guests in your party. Cancellations/changes in the number of guests outside these timeframes will be charged with 500 SEK per person.

"East is a meeting, a remix, a fusion.
An Asian restaurant that always
put creative over conservative."

"East is a meeting, a remix, a fusion. An Asian restaurant that always put creative over conservative."


Take East home or to the office! Of course you can order the entire East menu as take away. Give us a call on 08-611 49 59 and order before you come by to pick up. Or have Uber Eats or Foodora deliver to you.


East comes to your home!

East has put together a mingle menu tailored for the home party - and we deliver it straight to your door!
Of course, the best part is that you can take the whole East experience home with you and let our sushi chefs and wait staff treat your party to a typical East experience!

Easts festcatering:
12 pieces of mixed sushi 250 kr per person.
12 pieces of mix sushi incl miso soup and edamame 300 kr per person.

Minimum order is 10 people. Free delivery within Stockholm. Cost for wait staff and sushi chefs on site will be added.

Contact us and we will tailor your party!
Call +46 (0)8 611 49 59 or email

New Year at East

At East , the party has been going on for more than 30 years and this New Year's Eve, too, the focus is on New Year's drinks, bubbles, great food and celebration, of course! Our chef has put together a four-course Asian New Year soup. After that, of course, the New Year's party will go on until 3am.


East has a long and strong tradition of music in its soul. Some of the greatest music artists of our time have partied and lived here - perhaps not surprisingly, as producer god Max Martin was part owner for many years. 

Even today, nearly 30 years after its opening, music remains one of East's most important elements. It mixes pop, urban, funk, house, disco and techno - all depending on the club and DJs.

If you are a large group or company that would like to visit us in the late evening/night, please send a request to


Birthday dinner, summer graduation, girls' dinner, company party or press tour? At East you can organise all kinds of corporate and private events. We can accommodate up to 200 seated guests, but put just as much effort into the smaller party, who prefer a more secluded dinner in our chambre separée. East's extremely central location in the middle of Stureplan, with the pulse literally around the corner, makes this one of Stockholm's absolute best venues for events. Feel free to contact us with an enquiry below - we look forward to creating memorable events together.


In 1989, the very first East opened in a basement in a hidden backyard in Kungsholmen. Two years later, it was asked to move to Stureplan, but many had doubts. Nobody lived at Stureplan, nobody even hung out there and the square was not yet part of Stockholm's entertainment scene. But the people behind East took a chance and the regulars went wild. The new East was created by the quartet Peter Lindgren, Erik Videgård, Elias "Saile" Eliasson and Uluc "Bullen" Telmen. This was a quartet that had one foot on the restaurant floor and the other on the dance floor. The restaurant was given a new symbol of round dots that together form an E. The single solitary dot quickly became synonymous with East and many thought it was reminiscent of the new location and the Sponge seen from above. Thomas Sandell and Peter Hallén designed the interior, which became so popular that students at the School of Architecture did a special project on the "new-simple" architecture. Across the square, the Sturecompagniet had moved in and somewhere here the transformation towards the new Stureplan began - the square that today is more a concept than an address. In the basement of East they started club activities and for the premiere they invited people in a hypermodern way - via floppy disks with invitation phonographs. The date was 28 November 1991. The rest is history. More than thirty years later, East is still an Asian institution in the western corner of Stureplans.

Part of the text on East's history comes from Jesper Tillberg's text "The history of lost memories" in the book "East - an Asian cookbook" from 2017.


Things are great, but nothing beats an experience. Give the gift of a restaurant adventure - a loving way to show your appreciation. Our gift vouchers are valid at Brasseriegruppen all restaurants.



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